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Academic Excellence and Loving Care. 
Having fun as we learn!
​BUSY BEES: 2-Year Old Preschool Class

We understand each child learns in their own way and at their own pace.  Our teachers take the time to understand each child's individual developmental needs.  The Busy Bee's keep busy learning self help skills, including letter, number, shape and color recognition, simple vocabulary to encourage verbalizing wants and needs and get intoduced to sharing, taking turns, making friends and following directons.  Potty training is included in the program at no extra charge to the parents.  Eating on their own and trying out new foods, especially fruits and vegetables is highly encouraged. 

​Happy Hoppers: 3-Year Old Preschool Class


The Happy Hoppers grow and develop having fun as they learn.  Hands on learning through group activities and individualized teaching.   Daily circle time includes Zoo-phonics, reading, writing and math skills.  They learn to enhance their social skills to better share, take turns, be patient, follow directions and make friends through group activities and individualized attention. We work on improving their fine motor skills with art projects, blocks, puzzles and games.  Teachers help encourage healthy eating habits, sampling new foods and eating their fruits and vegetables.  We foster creativity through music, songs, movement, dramatic play and creative art.

Super Roos & Awesome Owls: 4-5 Year Old Preschool Classes (Pre-K)
Teachers focus on fostering independence and hands on learning.  Kindergarten readiness curriculum based on monthly themes, weekly lesson plans, daily circle time that includes reading,writing and math skills, the Zoophonics program helps improve language and litracy skills, and math skills are enhanced through counting, sorting, matching and categorizing.  They learn, grow and explore through music and movement, story time and story telling, creative art projects, dramatic play, science exploration, cooking, tasting, growing their own organic garden, going on fun field trips and so much more.
Kool Kats: Before and After School Program (K - 6th Grade)
We provide peace of mind for busy parents knowing that their children are in a relaxing, fun, loving and stimulating environment including  transportation to and from school.  Daily homework time and help allows children to complete their homework before going home.   They keep busy with fun art activities, indoor & outdoor play activities, fun group cooking, books, puzzles, toys, video games and making lasting friendships with other children.  Healthy meals and snacks provide the energy they need to stay active throughout the day.  Year round fun fieldtrips for the off track kids.
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